Design and Integration Mapping  Modeling and Analysis

 Having more than 10 years extensive and progressive experience on the design and integration of management information systems (MIS) in developing countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Eritrea.  Provision of internet based high-end GIS and mapping services. Development of cusotmised mapping products delivered by GSDSS. GSDSS successfully introduced the production of 3D models at various detail levels and 3D modeling for minefield terrain analysis in Afghanistan.
 Project Management Remote Sensing Training

 GSDSS’ exceptional experience in managing GIS projects in various developing countries and countries in Central Asia has provided it with a profound competitive edge that directly translates into optimal management of projects and budgets.  GSDSS can provide expertise and specialist skills in the acquisition and application of Remote Sensing technologies.  All training provided by GSDSS are presented by an ESRI certified trainer at client locations and are certified by ESRI.