GIS being used to model and represent real time world.

GIS being used to model and represent real time world.

Training is an essential and integral part of our geometric solution implementation. The sustainability of the solution is dependent on all users having full confidence in the data, workflows, procedures and the system in general. We have been involved in specialist management training in geometric services designed to provide a high quality education for managers in less developed countries.

Training typically consists of formally structured sessions and more informal ‘on the job’ type training. Training is also provided to key individuals within the organisation who will be responsible for GIS maintenance and administration, including first line support. These “Super Users” are normally identified by GSDSS early in the implementation process.

These managers have since become the core of the United Nations programme managers, and continued to develop both themselves and their programmes, often without external support. GSDSS  staff have delivered a number of training programmes at the operational level focusing on risk management and operational planning.

GSDSS  make use of specialized trainers with internationally recognized certification for successful trainees. Formal certification ensures that users are trained to the level that they are expected to perform in their daily roles. Our certification policy ensures that the Client maintains control of a key knowledge base within their organisation, and provides a benchmark by which new staff may be integrated into the system. The certification policy is seen as an important contributor to a successful and sustainable of the solution.

Specialist training courses are presented, but not limited to:

  • ArcGIS Desktop I: Introduction to ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality
  • ArcGIS Desktop III: GIS Workflows & Analysis
  • Building Geo-databases
  • Working with Spatial Analyst Extension
  • Working with 3D Analyst Extension
  • GIS for Managers

All training provided by GSDSS  are presented by an ESRI certified trainer at client locations.